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This is great introduction to 3D graphics and people playing this will learn about the magic behind games. The visuals are super dreamy and mysterious; it maked me want to explore. I think the only thing this project lacks is a sense of direction. For instance, the osculation part was confusing because I wasn't sure if I was suppose to keep jumping off the ballon things nor did I understand why I should jump. Sometimes, however, this lack of direction added a puzzle element that I liked. For instance, chapter 6 used this well when you had to click to activate different actions. I'm excited to see how this project will turn out in the future. 


Thank you for such detailed feedback! 


I just replayed it and it is still amazing. Something right out of the unreal ;)

Thank you:)


It's a shame that the jam wasn't a success, but I'm glad you made this game anyway! It's odd in a great way, all the patterns are a pure delight for the senses, and it was surprising for me to see what kind of cool stuff one can still make with the Unreal Engine. It's educational, weird and beautiful at the same time! That's why I recommended it on our blog and also made a short gameplay video. :) Keep up the great work, Yuliya, you have it in you! <3

Best wishes,

Thank you, Sebastian! I'm glad you like this game and I appreciate your support)


Heh, you can always count on me to give my best to support you. You are an amazing person!

Confusing but very cool.


Incredible and absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to the full release, and I'll enjoy experiencing it again until then. Thank you! (: