A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Wildlife Museum is a part of Data Mutations Project — the second interactive anthology by aaartgames

Data Mutations is a conglomerate of interactive projects by individuals in Berlin and elsewhere. 

In a two stage process various assets were produced (audio, textures, 3d objects, shader code, long/short form text) that served as a “gene pool” of usable modules and building blocks that formed the foundation of the nine presented individual projects (expressions or “phenotypes”). 

Data mutations is an exercise on expression out of a collectively raised genomicslush- a collection of data that can be transmuted and re-arranged with ease.

Detailed project description and sources available here.

Press: Data Mutations shows us an alternate world of videogame development

Data Mutations is nominated for A MAZE Award 2018


Wildlife Museum v1.0 Win64 117 MB
Wildlife Museum v1.0 Win32 96 MB
Wildlife Museum v1.0 OSX 126 MB
Wildlife Museum v1.0 Linux 122 MB

Development log


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